Thou shalt pace thyself

As I continue reestablishing skillful diabetes management habits, I need to pace myself.

I’d experienced diabetes burnout from September until the middle of December, during which I formed numerous unskillful habits. For instance, I was only testing twice a day, I didn’t change my pump site as often as I should, etc. Given the plethora of bad habits I had formed, I’m basically starting from square one.

Given the magnitude of the task at hand, it’s essential that I focus on one or two habits at a time; otherwise, I risk overwhelming myself. I risk burning myself out all over again.

Although the road to adequate diabetes management is long, I’m certain that, so long as I pace myself, I’ll reach my destination.

The wisdom of properly pacing oneself extends to other areas of life as well. I’m currently trying to pace myself in these other areas as well. This blog is one example of where I can implement it.

Therefore, I’m going to lower my posting frequency. For the rest of January I plan on posting twice a week – on Monday and on either Thursday or Friday.

5 thoughts on “Thou shalt pace thyself”

  1. The quest for balance is one I’m on too. I’m glad you are taking a step back from the blogging, taking the time you need and getting yourself in the order you want. Best of luck with it all, and remember you have lots of support right here with your diabetes online community.

  2. Good for you! I think that sometimes being at the bottom of burnout and having to start over is a good thing. It allows you to piece together a management regimen that is tailored exactly to what you need without trying to awkwardly fit it in to something else that may or may not be working. I know how much work it is, and how overwhelming it can feel, but it absolutely can be done! Like t1dActiveLiving said, there is plenty of support here. I’m always happy to help in anyway I can. 🙂

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