Coping with stress: how do you cope?

My baby
My baby

After months of collecting dust, last week I finally decided drop my Yamaha acoustic guitar off at Guitar Center in order to get it restrung/have its truss rod fixed.  I regret not having this done sooner.

My procrastination deprived me of a powerful means of coping with stress. Given my situation, my procrastination could have cost me dearly.

Taking a proactive approach to managing stress is of paramount importance to me. In addition to living with type 1 diabetes, I also have to deal with ADHD and insomnia. All three of these conditions cause a great deal of stress. I’ve always been acutely aware of this, and have, for as long as I can remember, sought more productive ways to deal with it.

Some of the ways that I’ve tried to manage stress include: writing, reading, listening to music, meditation (zazen), playing the guitar, and exercising. All of these have helped me lower my stress levels to an extent. Unfortunately, however, they haven’t always helped me enough – especially when I was a teen.

Given my situation, I’m alway’s open to suggestions on coping with stress. Feel free to share how you cope with stress in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Coping with stress: how do you cope?”

  1. Exercise has always been my go-to stress reliever. The more stressed I am, the louder I turn up my music on my headphones…. I hope you get some good suggestions that will help you, because stress can really wreck an otherwise bright day.

  2. I started taking bluegrass fiddle lessons back in May and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I do 3 20 minute practice sessions per day, and they keep me really grounded, focused, and thinking clearly. I have lessons twice a month and emerge feeling totally refreshed.
    Walking helps a lot too, but with this obnoxious weather I can’t spend as much time outside as I’d like.
    Also, spending time with “nourishing” people. (As opposed to those who drain us.)

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