Strugglin’ to rebuild

This week hasn’t been the best…all thanks to Mr. D. To be less obscure, I had moments of laxity in how I managed my type 1 diabetes. My testing “pattern” became erratic, and I had a few high blood sugar readings that would have been caught earlier if I hadn’t been so lax.

Previously, the process of recovering from diabetes burnout went swimmingly. All this changed when I got my guitar restrung. In the days that followed, I spent an obsessive amount of time on it. Unfortunately, I became too distracted from diabetes. 

When I play/noodle on the guitar, all my thought’s melt away, and I become completely absorbed in a tumultuous sea of sound (I’m not the best guitar player). For me, this is a much needed stress reliever. Unfortunately, it’s equally adept at “relieving” me of my sense of time which, in turn, screws up how frequently I test.

Luckily, the intense interest in playing my guitar has lost its edge, and no longer poses a threat to my effort to rebuild my skillful diabetes management habits.

This incident was relatively minor. It only caused me to miss testing a handful of times. The period where I was unmindful of having a chronic condition only lasted a handful of days – not long enough to crystallize any unskillful management habits.

Those handful of days earlier this week were an aberration. The journey shall continue…

5 thoughts on “Strugglin’ to rebuild”

  1. It’s been a tough week for me too. As I write this I’m chugging on some Coke after testing and getting a low. This whole week filled with lots of lows, for you highs. Credit yourself for what you did do. Keep trugging along, we all are, doing the best we can.

  2. Burnout changes a little for me each time around, too. I keep thinking I’ll know it this time and it always takes me longer than if expect to come around again. Keep swimming, dude. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the support! I hate to sound cliche, but it means a lot to me! Although I know that I’m not perfect, I still don’t particularly enjoy writing about my shortcomings.

      My pride and my intellect clash often, and, in the past, my pride was usually the victor; however, thanks to all of the support I’ve received, this has started to change. Despite my progress, I’m still fighting an uphill battle.

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