My blood sugars have been, on average, much better :)
My blood sugars have been, on average, much better than before. So long as this trend continues, they’ll be excellent in no time.

In the last 2 months I’ve made observable progress in how well I manage living with type 1 diabetes. Alas! I am winning my competition against diabetes. So long as I don’t become complacent, I will be victorious.

May the bitterness of defeat remain far from my lips from this point forward! In The 12 years I’ve lived with diabetes, I have tasted defeat far too often. Never again!

For the latter part of 2013, diabetes remained ahead of me on the scoreboard. It wasn’t until mid-December that I started turning things around.

My rally from behind began when I strengthened up my defenses against diabetes burnout. Introspective writing was my means of doing so.

With my defenses shored up, I went on the offensive. My initial target was blood glucose testing. Raising my testing frequency was a preliminary step for adequate control over my diabetes.

When the time was right – during late January – I began to increase my physical activity. That’s when things really began to improve.

As of right now, my 7 day average is 174, whereas, previously, it was in the low to upper 200s. This decrease hasn’t come at the cost of more lows. This improvement is, therefore, sustainable.

Going forward, my strategy will remain the same: to reduce my average blood sugars while trying to prevent hypoglycemia. So long as I stick to this strategy, I will defeat type 1 diabetes.

5 thoughts on “Victory!”

  1. You got this! Be proud of all that you’ve done. It’s an amazing achievement. Your mindset will get you to where you need to go. Keep pushing! What type of workouts are your favorite?

    1. Thanks!

      I value creativity, so I eschewed using free weights/machine’s in order to place limits upon myself and force myself to be more imaginative in how I approached working out. Dips, push-ups, and pull-ups were the mainstay of my workout routine’s. In addition, I’d often use objects in my environment as improvised weights.

      I hope that adequately answers your question. I didn’t really have a particular favorite. What I listed above are some of the features the one’s I enjoyed had.

  2. It’s the little things when added up equal big things.
    this post makes me happy.
    The only way I’ve gotten my a1c down was by being more “present” in my diabetes care.

    1. I’m glad this post makes you happy. The reason I have a blog is for you guys (and gals). If I didn’t have one, I’d still be writing most of this stuff. I just wouldn’t be publishing it.

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