The Purpose of Writing

Expression. To express is the ultimate end of all writing. That’s it. The purpose of writing is that simple.

Distinguish yourself from the crowd! Don’t insist on complicating the uncomplicated!

Expression is the aim. Everything else is secondary. Conventions. Grammar. Choice of words. These are means to an end. Never lose sight of that.

When you write, you are free. Why do you choose to abbrogate your responsibility? Why do you allow Master Form to entice you with his promises of ease?

just write and remember…

Writing is a selfish endeavor. Art is a selfish pursuit. Despite this, they have the power to inspire…uplift…motivate…change.

Writing is a sea of gray, into which selfishness and selflessness melt away.

These are beliefs I hold dear.

One thought on “The Purpose of Writing”

  1. This sure is food for thought, and made me pause for quite awhile to think about it.

    Is expression the sole reason for writing … for writing ANYTHING? I’m not so sure I agree. In my professional life, a lot of what I write is contract specifications and other client communications. Yes, the goal is to express my particular desires, but equally important is to close any legal loopholes, and that part makes the writing drawn out and boring. That’s not the enjoyable part, and I wish common sense would prevail, but in today’s legal environment, if you don’t explicitly say something should be held together with four screws, the contractor won’t build it into his price and will charge you extra when you demand it.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Writing has lots of purposes: to motivate, to educate, to report, to persuade, to demand. To converse. To demonstrate competency. To fit in an allowable space.

    I believe the most noble writings adhere to those principles you mention, But when we write out of necessity and not out of choice, other things may take priority.

    Like I said — a very interesting topic to think about.

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