Diabetes Life Hacks – #DBlogWeek

Know what amuses me? Of all the DBlogWeek prompts, this one is the most challenging! We have discussed changing the world, mental health, our personal mantras. I have written about these with ease, only to have this ease obstructed by a pebble. It’s absurd! I love absurdities! For this I am grateful…

Confession: I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “neat diabetes tricks” kind of guy.

If your pump clip breaks, put it in your pocket. That’s my most marvelous trick. Call me Mozart! My creativity knows no bounds, and I am prolific in my output.

In all honesty, I am the Justin Bieber of diabetes tricks…

Does that analogy work?

Nah… I don’t share my “neat” tricks, so I can’t be hated for doing so.

In all seriousness, seriousness has been lacking in my tone thus far. Really though… in all seriousness, that last sentence was stating the obvious.

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Life Hacks – #DBlogWeek”

  1. I used that hack when I was on my pump, and even when I was using the clip. (Just clipped it to the pocket and VOILA! Doesn’t fall out as much! lol!)

    When I was younger I actually used to clip my pump to the front of my bra, since a) a majority of the time the site was on my stomach, and b) even when it wasn’t, I used the longer tubing so it wasn’t pulling from the injection site being up that high. Of course now, I hardly attach anything to my bras, because I feel like that’s just something youngandimmature!me would do, Plus, its kinda awkward anyhow just reaching under your shirt from the collar just to check something on the pump or deliver a bolus.

    1. I have never thought of clipping it to my pocket. If I ever get around to getting a new clip (not guaranteed) I will have to start doing that. It does fall out of my pocket quite a bit, so that would be handy,

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