Top 5 things about #DBlogWeek

Before proceeding I would like to thank Karen Graffeo for organizing DBlogWeek and everyone who participated.

I began blogging in late December 2013, so this is my first DBlogWeek.

Initially I was hesitant about joining this event. A week or two before I had published posts on 6 consecutive days – my personal record. Would I be able to do it again?

Obviously I did join, and, as it turned out, my initial fears were unfounded. With that said, it wasn’t easy.

Attempting to keep up with other people’s posts was difficult. I fell behind. Although I failed to keep up, in the upcoming days I will make sure to read the ones that I missed.


Here is what made #DBlogWeek a great experience:

  1. It fosters a greater sense of community in the dblog solar system;
  2. It exposes one to different perspectives;
  3. One makes connections with formerly unknown people;
  4. It eliminates the need to find something to write about;
  5. It gives you an excuse to spam your followers with blog posts :p

May good blood sugars be with you all until next time!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 things about #DBlogWeek”

  1. Couldn’t agree more — it’s so great to see so many perspectives during D-Blog Week, and especially those we get to connect with for the first time ever. Have enjoyed reading your posts throughout this past week, and am so glad to have had the chance. Looking forward to reading more and keeping in more contact through the DOC solar system!

    1. Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed reading my posts. I write what I write for the love of writing and as a thought. With that said, knowing that people get something (whatever that might be) out of it certainly encourages me to share it.

      1. You definitely should do this. It’s rewarding not just to enjoy what others have written but to participate. Participating is half the fun. It helps focus our thoughts on some of the topics that affect us.

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