Lessening the luggage

Carrying on is a habit –
One established in time.
Effort doesn’t produce instantly.

This frustrates me greatly!

Fears multiply exponentially if
The river of progress goes still too long

Lamotrigine may come to aid me then,
And keep the frustration from growing strong.

Oh so meta

Just write.

Whatever comes out, comes out.

Whether it’s good or bad is irrelevant.

Just write.

Editing might happen later.

It might not.

Just write and hold off on deciding.

Whether or not you should publish it can be answered at another time.

For now, just write!

All is not yet lost!

Here I lay in need of a site change
Yelled at by a growing naseau yet
Pulled away by fear of failure
Everything feels doomed
Repudiating these thoughts seems
Gratuitous at best!
Life beckons me onwards though
Yearnfull for better things I am;
Conflicted by aimless forces
Everything seems vague though
Morn still sits upon the horizon
I will arise again
All is not yet lost!

Eternal Recurrence

Being bogged down sucks.

Endlessly running, forever in place – like a hamster stuck in their wheel.

And every protest’s but a squeel…

It’s no way to live.

When you will to live it’s oppressive.

A viscous course that leaves one a corse.
Under its curse
Depression deprives.

Every step backwards leads to a swamp.

Appearences, so real, deceive – of course!

Is it but a nightmare?

One can’t escape the dream.

And then one awakens

One awakens to steam

And one then builds another dream.